Maintenance & Warranty


We provide a complete maintenance and care kit with each and every new german silver sink that we produce. Included in this kit are detailed instructions for care and maintenance. The german silver material is unlike any other sink material on the market for a kitchen or pantry and requires a general knowledge and understanding of upkeep requirements. We are available for additional input and consultation as needed after your sink is installed.

Rinsing and drying the sink after each use is a practical way in postponing more involved cleaning and polishing effort.

Often it is preferred to clean the sinks periodically and to not ‘over-clean’ or highly polish them to allow a warm patina to develop so the sink appears to be a period piece. If a highly polished finish is desired, continual cleaning with polish is recommended when required. We also recommend an application of wax after each cleaning.


Our Warranty

When purchasing one our fine pieces you will be acquiring the quality and craftsmanship that we have been providing since 1937. Our german silver sinks are warranted to be without defect and leaks for the life of the sink.

This sink is designed and manufactured to be a workhorse (and the more they are used the better they look over time). A fine patina develops both with use and periodic cleaning that will make your sink into a coveted piece in your kitchen or pantry.